NOEL QUALTER with iPads on which he can perform your custom tricks


If you have an event and would like some custom tech magic, get in touch. Noel can tailor make digital illusions specifically for your brand, device or company. He recently performed for CNET at the European launch of the Honor MagicBook laptop, creating bespoke magic to showcase the new device.

Noel Qualter magically takes a Sharpie from the screen of an iPad
Noel Qualter performing virtual ipad magic for 6000 people across Asia

Noel can produce a giveaway item or product from an iPad, phone, laptop or other devices - just imagine, your new product jumping into reality from the digital world!

Noel’s passion is creating powerful magic and it’s what he’s known for. All of the digital illusions he creates are original to him. He works with a handful of the best digital artists, animators and developers and combines that with his decades of experience as a professional sleight of hand magician. The result is jaw dropping cutting edge visual magic. Objects pop in and out of existence from the digital realm, and impossible feats occur in a burst of fire and smoke.

Noel can also create a bespoke virtual show for your company, brand or product. He can customise tricks to promote your events, showcase your teams and bring staff together to celebrate your companies values and successes. Noel recently performed for the pan-Asia insurance company FWD at their virtual event. He created beautiful bespoke illusions to highlight the work of their brand team, and interactive magic that brought the whole company together celebrating the organisation's core values and strengths.

Jonathan Ross reacting to Noel Qualter's performance on Penn & Teller Fool Us

That's amazing, I've never seen anything like that before

Jonathan Ross

NOEL QUALTER entertains two women with iPad magic at a Christmas party
NOEL QUALTER makes three women laugh with iPad magic at a large outdoor event
NOEL QUALTER makes a bride gasp with an iPad magic trick at her wedding